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FMCA Medicare Supplement Plans

Be Medicare Savvy - FMCA Offers Medicare Seminars To Rally Attendees

Whether you are just turning 65, retiring or you have been on Medicare for a while understanding how Medicare works will help you maximize your benefits. There are many working parts to Medicare and options to supplement Medicare shortfalls. 

There are four things to consider when you are weighing your options. 

  • Your Age
  • Your Health Status 
  • Your Lifestyle
  • Your Demographics

People who own RV's and travel frequently add a unique need when looking at their Medicare options. It is even more important for us as RVer's to make sure our benefits work no matter where we are. 

Medicare is always evolving and changing. Centers For Medicare Services are making changes for 2019 that will impact all Medicare Beneficiaries. Medicare Supplement Plan "F" will be discontinued in December of 2019. These means those on Plan "F" can keep it but no one new to Medicare will be able to enroll. How will this impact those currently on plan "F"? 

In 2019 the Part D prescription drug plan "gap" or "donut hole" is closing a year a head of schedule. This will completely change how the Part D prescription drug plans work in the coming year.  This is the biggest change to Part D since it was implemented on January 1, 2006.

Let us help you prepare for these changes by keeping you informed. 

Beginning in Gillette WY at the 98th International Rally and RV Expo we will share the upcoming changes to Medicare. There will will be two scheduled seminars where Medicare, Long Term care and health insurance will be discussed. 

Learn More About Medicare By Attending An FMCA Rally Seminar or Speak To A Medicare Agent Now

FMCA Medicare Plans are offered exclusively through RV Insurance Benefits. Making the best Medicare choice for yourself can often feel overwhelming. We are here to help. Seeking the services of a licensed agent experienced in Medicare will take only a few moments of your time. These services are provided at no cost to you. 

Are you attending an FMCA International Convention or Area Rally?

Learning more about Medicare in a comfortable setting with fellow RVer's is a great way to educate yourself.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn from others questions you may not have thought of yourself.

Contact us to find out seminar dates and times.  1-888-337-1705 x 2 

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